Protect your business

Criminal hackers can penetrate organizations through vulnerabilities in the network, IT system, applications or mobile devices and manipulate or steal business and customer data. No company is “too small” or “too insignificant” for an attack. Many businesses have already been unknowingly compromised. Do you know the weak points in your systems and applications that attackers could exploit? Internal and external penetration tests and IT security analysis can provide those answers.

We examine your IT infrastructure from a hacker’s perspective. In this process we simulate a realistic cyberattack and identify vulnerabilities in your IT before attackers can exploit them. Our experts recommend suitable countermeasures and assist you in their implementation. So you can protect your systems and sensitive business and customer data from harmful unauthorized access and industrial espionage.

We improve your IT infrastructure security in just a few steps

  1. Collecting information:
    We collect all the information relevant for an attack and examine the company from the perspective of an external attacker.

  2. Identifying vulnerabilities:
    We determine potential weak points in networks, infrastructure components, mobile end devices and applications.

  3. Exploiting vulnerabilities:
    We attempt access in the role of an external or internal attacker.

  4. Reporting:
    We document and analyze the vulnerabilities identified.

  5. Countermeasures:
    We recommend suitable protective measures and explain the next steps.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing offers many benefits, allowing you to: 
• Intelligently manage vulnerabilities 
• Avoid the cost of network downtime 
• Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines 
• Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty